Good Time to Prune Trailing Blackberry?

For semi-trailing, such as TC, Chester and Black Satin, is this a good time to prune the plants? My primocanes are on the ground now, not pruned other than accidentally pruned. A lot of sources say to prune at about 4-6’ height to promote laterals. I also have a Boysenberry which I plant to keep the canes in ground for the winter.

The trellis will be up in fall or early spring. The top wire will be likely 6’ tall with the T posts and arms.

Not much help here. The first year without support is a pain. If you need more plants just let them sprawl and harvest the new plants this winter and replant. Bill

Not sure why you say this is a pain. The canes look happy to be on the ground. Other than some weeds, which I clean from time to time, the canes are very healthy. They will also get protected from winter. By spring time, they will be up to the trellis.

Next year, the canes will be stiffer. And there will be shading in front. So the primocanes will be tied to trellis. But I should still bring down Boysenberry canes to the ground for winter protection…

I just meant that they sprawl all over the place and sometimes they get in my way when mowing etc. I put out about 20 TC this Spring without support and I’m constantly moving the branches while cutting the grass. Bill

What a difference a year makes with TC. They grow like a run-away-train. 10-20’ is common. Bill