Good tool for both leaf shredding and small twigs

I’m looking for a shredder/mulcher. Mostly for leaves and dead herbaceous garden plants/vines (tomato vines, corn stalks, fall leaves). However, the ability to handle smallish twigs and pruning waste would be good, too.

A quick search suggests that if it’s good for sticks it’s lousy for leaves and vice versa.

The real issue is the fact that the area where all of the garden waste is it’s over 150
feet downhill from my house.

So electric isn’t really an option, considering it’s not considered good practice to string together multiple extension cords.


I would get 4 chickens and a goat for these tasks.


I have this: ZCI6IjExMTc4In0%3D
Works great for leaves, can do branches too. The trick for leaves is not to shred them too wet - they will clog the shredder. You will need to remove protecting plastic flops on top - they will not let leaves down. When I bought it , though it was $100 chipper.


Only really covers leaves, but I have one of these
I’ve been using it to clear some pretty sizeable piles of leaves from a very shady 1/3 acre. This is the only model blower/vac that gets consistently good reviews on its shredding ability, and my limited experience with this and another model support this.
If you have a power lawn mower, that’s the fastest way to do it. Putting leaves in a barrel and using a string trimmer like an immersion blender also works surprisingly well.


I get a rubbermaid 55 gallon bucket and put the leaves in there. Next, I take my weed wacker and put it inside. Shreds leaves in seconds.