Good video on garlic harvesting

From the U of Maine, where they evidently grow quite a bit of gahlic. The guy is clear, to the point, and easy to follow. About five and a half minutes long.


Very informative!

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I’ve sen this video. its very informative. garlic grows well here in n. maine in raised beds. it doesn’t do well in our clay soil. in s. maine they have sandy loam so they can grow them in ground. because of our cooler climate, diseases are rarely a issue with garlic , onions or shallots and do very well here. many farmers are starting to grow garlic commercially. as a rotational crop it wards of diseases to the other plants planted after it.


I’ve read that the stem and leaves should be left on when drying garlic but he cuts them off. Now I wonder which technique is best? July is a humid month for me so drying is slow.

I do leave everything intact until I’m ready to clean and store them. Don’t really know what is better.

My understanding is that hardneck garlic cut the stem off, softneck garlic leaves the stem on .

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