Goopy stuff on top of wood chip mulch?

Anyone know what this stuff is? Happens every year since loading up the orchard with wood chips. Start out like this (Different shades of yellow and sticky) then moves to a black color (turns to a dust) and goes air born if touched.

Yup, Dog Vomit fungus. Really. That’s what it’s called :slight_smile: It’s a type of slime mold. Harmless, but disgusting looking.

Patty S.


Thanks Patty!

Every time about this time of year it shows it’s gnarly head!

Very common on wood chips, in the spring when growing conditions are just right (i.e., cool temps and humidity). Gross-looking, but harmless.

Are you sure that’s not cat hairball fungus? Sure looks like it to me.:wink:



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Haha…i have enough cats to support that option.


I accidentally sat in some of that cat fungus this morning putting on my shoes.:grimacing: