Goose berries

A friend gave my wife a quart bag of gooseberries, what can I do with them ? Is it enough to make a pie with?

I don’t think gooseberry flavorful enough for the pie, unless you use some aromatic addition. Also tough skin may be an issue. I would just eat them fresh :slight_smile:

Derby, a quart is a lot of gooseberries (more, if you’ve ever picked them!) and I would think it would be plenty to bake a pie. They’re pretty powerful if eaten when on the green side, and you don’t need too many to make an impression. If fully ripe they are much milder but they lose much of their character- at least, that’s my experience.

You and your wife probably have a good pie crust recipe but just in case you want to experiment here are some of my favorites:

Good luck and have fun.



Thanks for the link mark

Gooseberry pie! mmm! Mix in a few other berries if you run short on gooseberries. I’m still waiting on my buffalo berries to make enough for pies. Here is a blog of a BB pie the evolution of me: Buffaloberry pie & buffalo berry pie | Flickr
We are close enough to Nebraska that we know about this obscure delicious berry and it makes a delicious pie! Kansas is somewhat like Nebraska in temperatures so we can successfully grow the bushes here and likely they are native in places.

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