Gooseberry growers--what are your favorite varieties?

@alliumnate … Nate… thanks for the details on the gooseberry Jeanne.

I have 2 ordered from Lucille at Whitmans Farms now.

I will give them a try here in a location that gets sun from early morning until about 2 pm.

PS… I grafted 3 carmine goumi scions last year (to my red gem and sweet scarlet) and they all grew well. They have loads of blossoms on them now. Hopefully I get to enjoy several carmine goumi fruit this year. Thanks again on that.



Hinnomaki Red is my absolute all-time favorite. I’m not really a gooseberry fan (too bland and too mushy overall), but those Hinnomaki Reds have an amazing complex flavor. Too bad it’s a whole lot more slower growing than the others. I can’t wait for it to be big enough to take a bunch of cuttings.


I’m going to take inspiration from you yet again @Gkight and try currants too in Z10. I know that’s really pushing it. Will post once I have some.


Put em in the coolest spot of your yard, I think nearly fully shaded and will likely need a lot of water in summer heat to remain cool enough to not stay constantly heat stressed. I’ll also manually defoliate them if need be, plants want to live just sometimes need some assistance


Makes sense! I’ll put them near the haskaps :slight_smile: … where did you source yours btw?

Ogw, they came really nice size. But I got them in fall so that’s likely why they were so big

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Anyone know where they sell green culinary (tart) european varieties like Careless or Leveller? Are these white pine blister rust resistant? Finding them hard to source. What have people’s experiences been with Invicta or Whitesmith?

Anyone know when Hinnomäki’ green gooseberries are going to be available? Are they White Pine Rust resistant?

Whitmanfarm has leveller listed on her website

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