Gooseberry issue

I picked my gooseberries today and very disappointed for second year in the row. Last year it was total loss of the crop to gooseberry fruit fly. This year is very wet and I have a strange issue I can’t identify. It started to appear early in the season when berries got something that I considered to be a “sunburn” - soaked spot mostly on top of the berries exposed to sun after hot spell. But looks like either it was not sunburn or there are two issues, not one, When I picked today, I found a lot of completely dry berries hanging from the branches inside the bush that couldn’t be affected by sunburn, and a lot of berries that had a “spot” - it is not the fly, because there is no worm and no waste inside and I think not American powdery mildew, as there is nothing on top of the skin. The berry looks almost OK, but taste is bitter and berry has a hard spot under the skin , some small, some taking half of the berry. The skin on top of the spot is more colored than on healthy part of the berry. I see that several leaves are affected by APM, but can mildew grow inside the berry, not outside?