Gordon Apple

Gordon has been one of my favorite apples to grow over the years for both taste and production, so naturally I planted a new one at my present location. Here is the young tree on M-111 rootstock, still in training. This time of year apples can look a bit ragged in my climate because they don’t drop the majority of last year’s leaves until the end of Spring. You can see hints of some blossoms. In this climate they produce 2+ crops per year depending on the weather and your cultivation practices.


That is one Apple I was tempted to try when I lived in Austin. I never got around to it though. It sounds like a really good apple for hot places. Glad to hear its a good one.

Pull the side branches down horizontal and you’ll get a better crop load from it, and it will help to control the runaway apical dominance it is starting to display.


In my experience the crop load will take care of that :slight_smile:

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Today I pruned some adventurous whips from about 6’ down to 4’.

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Today, after some minor pruning :slight_smile:

Ripe Gordon Apple fruits picked today. Our night time temps are still not cold enough to cause the entire skin to blush red.