Goumi Cutting Rooted! Now What?

I’ve always failed at getting goumi berry cuttings to root, but late last fall, I read about fall rooting. I was moving and decided to try it as a last ditch effort to take cutting from my established Goumies. When it started turning very cold, I shoved them in a less prime location of the solarium/sunroom. Today I noticed that they are ALIVE! What do I do with them now?

Two other things happened this week that really make me want to succeed with these. First, Raintree canceled my Goumi order due to crop failure. Second, I found out the new owners of my old house cut down every single plant/bush/tree on the property. All the unusual fruit bushes lining the fence in the back and all the traditions landscaping around the house in the front. All killed/all stumps, including the highly productive Goumi. So, I’d really like these little cutting to live. Should I move them to a more sunny location? Keep them where they are until they leave out a bit? Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!


Dang. Posted the same picture twice!

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id gradually expose them to full light. they are just leafing out so id get them used to full light now.


Sorry to hear about your old place, that’s a hard thing to swallow. It’s best not to dwell on it and only look at the future and what you have ahead of you for your new projects! If only people realized the effort that goes into things…

An hour of morning sun gradually increasing is probably the best way to go with the cuttings. Good luck! Even just getting them under some led lights might help harden them off.


One trick I do with seedlings as they age is keep a fan on them part of the time. Vegetable and fruits will have weak stems unless you harden them off an hour or two here and there.