Goumi fruit

The roots form slowly. Why not start the air layers right away? It won’t interfere with harvest later.

I do not want to risk the berries.

Anyone got Raintree select goumi ?

I remember seeing some pics of it a few years back… here.

The berries looked huge.

Are they bigger than Carmine?


I put on a graft of Raintree and it should fruit next year. Don’t know but it might be the same variety as Carmine/Tillamook and it just got a name change. It would be nice to have two large fruited varieties that could help pollinate each other.

I plan to air layer a couple of Carmine/Tillamook. Do they easily develop roots?

Found the Q/A on the Raintree website…

Q… What cultivar is it. I have a Sweet Scarlet and a Carmine?

A…It is our own, grown from a chance seedling here at the nursery!


So I guess someone is germinating seeds haha

@Gkight … yes.

In fact I just mailed a member here 60 RG, 60 SS, 30 C… today.

I assume they have plans to germinate those.


Is there a goumi with yellow fruit? I had a yellow autumn olive in a pot a couple years ago and really liked the taste.

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There only like 4 cultivars and 2 selections in the US. all are red.

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I found the goumi stratification notes below in a post here from 2020.

If someone want to grow goumi from seeds, here is usefull information about stratification: (3 weeks warm str. and than cold str. until germination)

I was looking for pictures of Raintree select goumi and found some. Looks like it is a little larger than red gem… a little smaller than carmine.

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First fruit from Hidden Springs Goumi!


I only have Tillamook, and there are absolutely no other goumis anywhere near my property. I was just out looking at it and it’s covered in developing fruit. Pretty impressive since it’s only been in ground for about 1 year now. So maybe they are at least somewhat self-pollinating.


My opinion is that ‘Tillamook’/‘Carmine’ is a self fertile clone. I’m sure not all clones are, but my 'Carmine is planted far away from my other goumis and still sets full crops.


I have a single Sweet Scarlet and it has fruited for me for years.


My sweet scarlet didn’t fruit in it’s one season (bloomed a lot though) I moved it in winter and added a red gem and both fruited a lot for how small they were. Likely plenty of factors, but I think they can all be somewhat self fertile

Could they be pollinated by another elaeagnus, autumn olive perhaps?

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My ‘Sweet Scarlet’ flowers incredibly heavily every year, much higher flower density than on ‘Carmine’ or ‘Pippi’, but only a very small percentage of its flowers set fruit. ‘Carmine’ and ‘Pippi’ both have a majority of flowers set into fruit so end up being way more productive despite less (but larger) flowers.

Except for 1 year. My sweet Scarlett has nearly 100% fruit set. It’s planted next to a Raintree.


@VirginiaFruitGrower Goumis are ripening in VA beach.