Goumi fruit

Thanks lordkiwi!

You’ll have loads of fruit in a couple years!

Did you get carmine/Tillamook yet? How’s raintree compare? I have Tillamook on order

I’ve noticed that ‘Sweet Scarlet’ has smaller flowers than ‘Carmine’ and ‘Pippi’. I wonder if in some locations (like mine) the pollinators they attract just aren’t as effective at pollinating ‘Sweet Scarlet’ due to the size difference, but maybe in locations like yours there is a different pollinator mix that is better at pollinating the smaller flower size…


Meanwhile in north NJ

@VirginiaFruitGrower No problem on the goumi production


Sweet scarlet


Fortunately the flowers hang on well past pollination. raintree’s are slightly larger but there fewer berries per cluster.

Last years size comparrison
Goumi fruit - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit

@EJh I do not have Carmine/Tillamook I want to get it im also afraid to get it at the same time.


Wow that is the tallest Goumi I’ve seen

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Doooo itttttt :grin::joy:

I can’t tell how tall it is. Mine wants to be taller than my kaki.

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Looking at all your fruit in zones 7 & 6 I’ve had to check several Central European vendors to make sure it’s fine that mine look like this and are not autumn olives.

I have an older bush that I thought was a poorly fruiting autumn olive seedling and got two young plants last spring. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I an not sure what your question is. From what I understand AO and Goumi bloom around the same time, they just differ in harvest times.

This pic is from this morning in zone 7. My alleged goumis started blooming 2 weeks after my 3 known autumn olives. (those I know will be ripening in September - October) I got confused after seeing way much larger fruit even from zone 6. In fact the fruit on my AOs is 2x larger… That’s all. No questions. Goumis are rare here and are not sold as cultivars, so the likelihood of a seedling mix-up at a nursery is higher.

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Been looking at photos of different Elaegnus and E.Macrophylla

does not seem to have the usuals speckles on the leaves other members do.

or one of the Macrophylla x pugens hybrids

Macrophylla I read flowers late spring early summer.


Pickd my first red goumi this morning. It was not quite ripe, but I still enjoyed it. My first fruit off my Sweet Scarlet. It was a bit larger than I expected. It’s a dense little bush still. Hard to see how much fruit is actually on it. It has shed a lot of little green ones, or something is knocking them off.


This is very different. I read it flowers in late summer and autumn and is evergreen just like the x ebbingei that I have. It looks very different. Robust. I’ve seen some mentions of umbellata x multiflora hybrids. I guess I’ll be smarter after seeing the fruit on the new plants I guess. They all have speckles, just less pronounced that what I could see in autumn.

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Not quite the first of the season, but the first I snapped a foto of.

Those with stems are Sweet Scarlet. Those I destemmed are Moniz. I should have left them all a day or two longer but I was planning on dinner with neighbors who were leaving town for a week.

I planted the seeds for kicks from these, and the four riper Moniz I ate earlier. Maybe they’ll come up; maybe birds will dig them out; maybe the heavy rains sent them off into never never land.


My Goumi’\s yesterday.
I am confident now my Sweet Scarlet has an over setting proglem. The beries are tiny, still a bit sour but thats fine. They are all about red at the same time.

Raintree is performing as expected. Larger berries. Ripining more over time but all will be ripe in a week or so .


How’s the taste between the 2? So far I’m leaning towards raintree for a companion to Tillamook.

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Raintree is winning so far. Nether have
Reached full sweetness yet.


Fruitwood Nursery has “Hidden Springs” goumi rooted cuttings back in stock if anyone is interested.