Goya 16 Bean Soup Mix **Challenge**

Ok, 2022 fun. Find a spot and plant a bag of

Goya 16 bean soup mix.


Goya 16 Bean Soup Mix (instacart.com)


How many of the included varieties are bush, half-runner, pole types? Could be a mess!

I’ve planted bagged small red field peas from the grocery to fill in skips in my cowpea rows, in the past. Also red Adzuki beans.
So…most of those are probably viable seeds.

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Sounds fun.

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Definitely could be a consideration for that ‘cover crop for unused garden area’ deal.

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I’m imagining someone just digging one hole and “planting” that entire bag unopened.

“Where’s my soup tree???”


likely all of them. I am going to plant them right over the fence line in the woods back door. I will create some make shift lean tos in or something. There is a felled tree left by the previous owner that could use some nitrogen. I will drill some holes in it and see if any take like a half ass hugleculture.


should be pretty cool. i have a few bags of that i bought to make a 3 bean salad. plan to put out patches of flax, quinoa, amaranth and desert chia as a supplement feed source for my chickens. might throw some lentils and beans in there as well. about 4 years ago i had about 5 packets of old seed so i mixed them together and planted them in a row in front of my raspberry patch. they grew surprisingly well being so close together. i had string beans, cucumber, beets , carrots and lettuce that came up.


So did your 16 bean crop have much success?

Did the deer enjoy them along the fence line by the woods?

Deer didn’t bother any of my beans last year, and barely impacted the cowpeas. But they were tough, at times, on the sweet potatoes and Roselle.
I grew black turtle, yellow-eye, cranberry, Navy, and Mayocoba shell beans from the grocery last year… in addition to a white marrowfat type I’d bought seed of.
I’d had no real expectation of whether they would be bush, half-runner or pole habit, but all were fairly small bush types, certainly less space-occupying than any of the cowpeas.

I never got around to clearing the area. But this year I should do it for sure since I paid to clear the area to get a new fence installed.

@Lucky_P I hope I get as lucky as you.