Graft Goumi onto Elaeagnus ebbigini

First time posting but long time reading this site.

I am wanting to replace an Elaeagnus hedge, which is hard to maintain as a hedge, with goumi grafts. I have seen here that some has grafted Goumi to Autumn Olive.
Has anyone done goumi to ebbigini (pungens, silverthorn, x ebbigini)?
I want to cut the hedge back now and graft in the spring when the bark slips. (bark grafting)
I am very new at grafting so advice would be appreciated.
Any sources for the low height goumi scions? (6 foot)

It might work…but I haven’t had any elaeagnus hedges I wanted to convert.

I don’t know what variety of Elaeagnus I grafted onto. It was listed only as Elaeagnus. I added several grafts of Goumi but only two Sweet Scarlet and one Red Gem took. I’m guessing that they are compatible but I’m too early into grafting Goumi to draw conclusions. If all goes to plans I will air layer.


After cutting the large bushes to the ground I realize that I thought there would be larger stumps to work with. I am rooting most of the scions I have and will only try a few grafts just to see if they take.