Graft incompatibility? Interstem

  • Graft was done in March
  • Almond rootstock, cherry graft, Adara plum interstem.
  • Sudden death of the graft part after months of vigorous growth. Never seen anything like it before.

(The live branch is peach from a different graft)

Is it because the cherry seems more vigorous?

The almond-adara union seems fine as apparently there is a bud on the plum now developing as a reaction to the other graft’s death?


That much swelling at the Adara and Cherry interstem shows incompatibility. To have that much swelling, this soon, says that cultivar of Cherry and Adara plum don’t work together. The work is flawless, otherwise thus making it very easy to identify and diagnose.



What type of cherry was that?

Honestly I cannot remember anymore, but the “good” news is that the whole tree ended up dying in the following weeks, so I’m assuming now that it was a rootstock failure.