Graft update, more than one year later, and follow up question

Spring of 2016, I got scion woods of different peaches, plums and pears from @39thparallel , @BobVance and @Auburn.

I have grafted like a mad woman for the whole spring last year, I can’t tell you how graft I made, and the how many success do I have? Four!:rage:

four different pears! None of the peach and plum graft survived. My previous graft success is t budding plum to peach.

I must be really bad at this.:worried:

I did most by t budding. Tried other techniques suggested here, not successful.

Out of the 4 pears, the Seckel is 4 1/2feet long, fondante …? is 3 1/2, the Korean giant is about 2 ft long, the other Korean giant and orient are about a 1 inch long.

I was just just happy to see the the successful graft growing fast and forgot to think if I should trim them.

So the questions are:
For the ones at 2 ft (Korean giant) 3 1/2ft (fondante…?) 4 1/2ft (Seckel), should I trim them now?
And can I use the trimm-off branch as scion wood and graft again?

I want to thank @39thparallel, @Auburn and @BobVance again for your scion woods, sorry I didn’t have better success rate.


I have noticed several people cut back the scions that have long growth because they are mostly afraid of it breaking off which is a valid concern. I rarely cut my long ones off because I want it to grow as big as possible. In some cases if I think there is a reasonable chance of it breaking off I add support. Either way will work but I can’t see removing wood that I want when a few minutes taken to support it works well. My orchard is small and it is a hobby but I definitely see a need to trim if the situation is were I infrequently visited the site.


Thank you, Bill!
These scion grow straight up, not sure how to support them. I am also afraid of bending them horizontally.

The Seckel scion you gave me is close to 5 ft tall, even if it bears fruits, I won’t be able to reach them. But I am really happy it is growing so fast.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I should have added this to my previous statement. If in doubt I would trim it back especially until your comfortable with various ways to support scions. Bill


Got it, thank you Bill!