Graft vs another tree

Hi all, new guy here. A few weeks ago I planted a semi-dwarf lime tree and what i discovered was a semi-dwarf meyer lemon in my yard. At the time I didn’t know much about lemons, but I now understand that I think I’d prefer a more traditional eureka or libson lemon variety, as my uses for lemons tend to be more in cooking and cocktails, hah.

Question is, how hard would it be to graft a branch or three of another lemon variety into the tree (probably next winter/spring tho, i imagine it’s too late this year?) I’ve never grafted before, but I like the idea of not producing a bunch of fruit I won’t use. Are there good resources out there I can check out? Where does one get grafting supplies?

The meyer tree is already budding with many flowers right now, even though it’s just three feet tall or so.



There is a lot of info on this site about grafting… i loved cooking with my Meyer lemons, but my Four Seasons lemon is larger and better all around and prolific. I bought my grafting tools on amazon , but there are better places!

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Also just type the word Grafting in the search box here or on Youtube.


thank you!

I bought my zenport style tool from Aliexpress for around 35 bucks including extra blades, and the linked thread has a link to the Sumo Bonsai Supply Buddy Tape. It’s expensive, but I just used it for the first time to graft some sugar cane jujube scions onto my honey jar, and it was a night and day difference in ease of use (and almost certainly effectiveness) compared to the cheap plastic stuff that came with my omega tool (the plastic handled one, I don’t recommend it). Combine those with some of the temflex RUBBER electrical tape (home depot or Lowe’s for under 3 bucks) and a pair of hand pruners and a sharp knife and you should be set.