Grafting apricot onto Pluots

I grafted this Apricot* scion into my Geo Pride pluot branch this past January and it’s growing pretty healthy. This pluot is a three in-one-pluot: Geo Pride, Splash, and Emerald Drop pluot.

I forgot to label it. It’s either Afghanistan or Larsgerdi apricot.


I just did the same. The grafts are just breaking bud now. I hope they last long term.

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I’ve been grafting 'cots to prune plum and so far so good. The oldest is in its third season and seems happy. I’ve also got a bark graft of apricot on the same tree that I did last year and that is just now waking up one of its buds; the others look dead.

Along the same lines I chipped last summer to a shoot on my prune-plum-on-Nanking cherry about 15 years ago and it’s popping now. Like fruitnut says, I hope they last long term.

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I love the color of the leaves at that stage. My new spring apricot growth looks the same.


Apricots are attractive trees. And I live in an area where they grow well. We even get a crop every once in a while. I’m planting more.

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