Grafting Asian->American and American->Asian persimmon and hybrids?

Hey all,
I’m just curious, I mostly see Asian Persimmon grafted onto American (as I assume it makes it a bit hardier).
Do people still graft American onto their Asians? Does it work out longterm?

How about the hybrids, like Rosseyanka and Nikita’s Gift, I guess they also are probably grafted onto American to make them hardier, but can they still go onto a relatively cold-hardy asian like Saiju (thats probably grafted onto an American itself hehe)?

I’m just curious as I bunch a scionwood to experiment this year.


I grafted Nikita’s Gift onto what I assume is an American persimmon rootstock (my Ichi Ke Kei Jiro was killed to the roots the year before.

It took from May 25th to July 25th to see growth on the scion, though… It did get 3 feet of growth last summer before dormancy. Scratches green this spring, but it has not yet pushed growth

Not what you asked, but my experience with these…


I believed that how the Ukrainian came up with Rossyanka and Nikita’s Gift by grafting American persimmon on Asian rootstock and back crossed. Most of us grafting hybrids on American persimmon rootstocks for cold hardy. I just top work my 4 years old Knightville American persimmon to the hybrids: JT-02 and Kassandra.


Embryo rescue was probably more key, whatever grafting might have been used. Is there any evidence that grafting would help inter-species breeding at all? Last I heard, evidence was still lacking for the existence of Lysenkoism’s “graft hybrids.”

But on the other hand, it was the Soviets who managed to hybridize persimmons.

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