Grafting Avocado

Thanks for reading. I know Avocados grown from seed can take up to 10 years or more to fruit. If I graft a currently producing Avocado onto an Avocado grown from seed, will it continue to fruit, or will the root stock determine when it fruits?

In short, what determines the fruiting timeline, the root stock or the scion?

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Could be 2, could be 3 years but most likely 4. It all depends how you take care of the tree, right soil media, right fert, maybe lots of organics.
Grafted 2 tree’s last spring, they are only 3.feet tall, not to my liking.
See what happens this year.

It is the scion and not the rootstock that determines maturity, which is another advantage of grafting. It bypasses the juvenile/adolescent stage of the rootstock. For avocado, you can gain 6-7 years.

Thank you for the reply. My apologies on my late response - didn’t see it come through. I’m going to try my hand at grafting a Pinkerton onto my Haas root stock grown from seed.

I think with a Avacados it’s best to grow from seed until the tree becomes a bearing size, probably 4 to 5 years, and then graft over. The tree will put all its energy into growth, making a much stronger tree, with a dense canopy. Unless you live in a premium avacado growing area, then you could start sooner. Also Some nurseries offer avocados on clonal root, some of these are a good choice for someone who lives in So Cal or premium avocado growing areas to get good growth as well as some earlier avocados.

I have couple small avocados that I started them from seeds and ware hoping to find some scions to graft on them, one of the scions that I was hoping to find is the one is called Duke Avocado but couldn’t find any. Good luck to you all with yours

Grafted mine last summer. It grew good, had to top it a month ago. Trying to grow a short bushy tree. Have 2 started, don’t know what variety they are, traded persimmon for a couple of avocados sionwood
Guy send me about 50 pieces.He attended a yearly exchange meeting, gave me the leftovers.


What type of graft did you use? I’ve watched videos and have seen whip and tongue, cleft and saddle grafts being used. Thanks

Probably W/T, for soft wood I use the W/T a lot. You can hardly tell the graft after a couple of years.
Grafted 3 persimmon trees last spring,now it’s time to train them. You might be thinking about training your tree’s after grafting. You can do that with your avocados.

Than when you are done with training your tree should look like this.