Grafting Black Doris Plum onto Black Boy Peach

Hi Everyone,
I’ve tried putting a Black Doris plum scion onto my Black Boy peach tree and had no luck last year. Since I can’t seem to find definitive information as to the classification of BD plum (European or Japanese) I don’t know if it is an incompatibility problem, or merely poor budding or timing by me. I’ve had success budding nectarine onto the peach rootstock, so I thought I’d ask the community if there is any experience with BD plum onto BB peach.
Thanks in advance

No experience with Black Doris, but I have successfully grafted several pluots (largely asian plum) and more than one european plum onto peach trees. Both types took to peach vigorously.


(update for 2020)
I had another go in February which is mid-late summer here in NZ. The 3 Santa Rosa plum T-buds failed, but all 3 Luisa plum chip-buds seem to have taken. Pretty poor comparison - using different budding styles - but there you go…
I’ll update later in the season in case this is helpful to someone.