Grafting cherries

I find myself hopeful my montmorency cherry grafts will grow into a wonderful tree in the next couple of years. This is what some of my rind grafts look like. What is the best shape for a tree like this?

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My girlfriend gave me scion wood off her very productive full sized tree. She wanted backup scion wood in case something happened to her original and I wanted this variety.

When pruning cherries I try to remain aware of having to wrap them. Although my best producer has been hacked by first my neighbor’s mom (and the neighbor is mortified) and then it was hit by a delivery driver. It’s practically an espalier at this point.

I’m sure the experts will have better advice.


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I use a vase-type shape for my Montmorency. Keep it well-thinned, Monty produces lots of small twigs and its easy for it to get too thick with shoots. Sweet cherries are easier to prune for me since they have fewer shoots.

I hang scare tape and that has been keeping me OK with bird damage.

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Thanks for the information. I’m going to prune before next spring. I have another that Is a seedling off the parent tree which is 3’ now. I’m planning on one of these being as good as the parent tree which produces lots of fruit. I will post pictures when it starts producing.

It’s hard to demonstrate how productive the parent tree is with pictures. Here are a few pictures of the parent tree the scions came from.