Grafting european plum on Prunus cerasus (Sour cherry "Evans")?

A relative has a sour cherry Evans and no more place for other fruit tree, but would love to have european plum. I saw the wiki on compatibility of rootstocks, but Prunus cerasus, was not in the list of rootstocks. Anyone has experience of such graft?

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That is the general consensus. Cherry’s on cherry and hybrids. But that should not stop you from trying.

I’m pretty sure it will not work.

Phylogeny says impossible. And, there’s no interstem either to make it happen. It’s really far apart on a phylogeny tree.


Sad but thanks!

I have grafted sweet cherry to sour cherry, then grafted adara plum to the sweet cherry, and European plum to the adara plum. I also do the reverse, and all have long term compatibility.

A friend of mine told me that she tried chip budding Euro plum to Adara stem and then grafted the Adara to the Montmorency sour cherry and were quite compatible in just one season. We haven’t experimented with Evans.

The key is that a 4"-5" long Adara interstem is needed to reduce compatibility issues between the ultimate scion and stock.

I have dormant adara scions still available if you want to try.

I have experimented with Pluerry as interstem, also the Nadia Cherry, but they die out after one season when grafted to sour cherry, but not on sweet cherry.

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Do you think Adara is hardy enough to survive in Canada? The topic starter is in Montreal, zone 5b.

Adara is a selection of Myrobalan and is supposed to be cold hardy to Zone 5. It could work also in Zone 10 with a little bit of chilling.