Grafting fir trees

Has anyone ever grafted fir trees?

I have been collecting cuttings from various Christmas tree farms and have had very good luck rooting them into quite a nice collection of fir trees. The only tree (11yr trying) that has been a fail every year is the blue spruce.

My question is has anyone ever grafted fir trees enough to know what is compatible to blue spruce? After reading the French tree grafting story, it gave me the idea to just graft it. There is little info doing a web search. If no one has I may just graft it to every tree in my collection to see. My neighbor has a beautiful big blue spruce so scions won’t be an issue. We rotate these trees as living Christmas trees each year and share w family. Anyway, thanks for this forum, and everyone’s time reading my crazy idea. Happy growing.


These authors discuss Norway spruce compatibility

Rootstock effects in grafted conifers.pdf (892.8 KB)

More papers using “spruce” “graft” “compatibility” are available here:

For articles of interest, check the alternate versions for free copies from ResearchGate, etc.

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