Grafting grape, some initial success


Five days later and all of them still appear to be growing. When they’ve failed in the past, they often stall out at the stage (or slightly earlier) from the 8/11 pic. I’m taking this continued growth as a very good sign.


Boy do these things grow fast. I suppose that is what you get when there is a full sized root system pushing growth through 4 buds.

Updated pic:

It seems like pushing this bud to break now also made the vine flower. I know it is too late in the season to ripen, but I thought it was interesting.




If that bud hadn’t been forced to grow this yr that would have been next yrs fruit. Pruning at the right time can force the same thing, a second late crop. The bunches and berries are smaller than they would be after the flower bud has a dormant period. The berries can get sweet if they ripen soon enough. The flower buds don’t need any chilling to flower. But come to think of it late pruning can cause the same thing on stone fruit.


Bob those bumps on your leaves are phylloxera. I have had it a few times, it does not survive cold weather so should eventually fade.

Congrats on your graft!

I am getting some Gratitude and Hope grapes ripening now, both are solid grapes very similar to Thompson Seedless.


Thanks Scott! I did a bit of reading about it, and it seems like the common answer is to do nothing, though one source mentioned that if you see the galls before fruitset (early in the season), that it could make sense to spray for it (not the case here).

Another thing of note is that the main defense is a resistant rootstock. In this case, the birds planted the vine, so it is very possible that it is NOT a resistant rootstock. This could explain why I’m not seeing the issue on my other vines. I’ll keep an eye on it next year to see if it is an annual issue on this single vine.

I’m starting to get some UoA grapes as well.
Hope- nice, though small green grape with a decent crispness. 13-14 brix and I’m not sure that they are all the way ripe (a few sour ones).

Faith- I’m having trouble with un-even ripening and YJ/Wasps. Nice flavor on the few which I get and similar brix to Hope (~13)


Bob, my Hope are not fully ripe yet so I am sure yours are not either. Look for a light yellow color, no green.

Note my remark about phylloxera not surviving the cold above is incorrect, I was mixing it up with pierce’s disease. But the gist was correct, it should not be anything to worry about unless it gets into the roots. It shows up now and then for me and then goes away for several years.


I have wild grape vines coming up all over my yard…been pulling them out all summer… these useful for rootstock? i should try budding some named varieties on to them?


Looks like this happened from my July 4th Jupiter grafts. They’ll actually have time to ripen. I may snip off a few of the colored ones to sample the progress…

As Fruitnut noted, the grapes are on the small size. One of the clusters is also pretty small (small # of grapes). This is from one of the parafilm only grafts, where it started to come open a bit later.

Edit- I sampled some today and they are reasonably tasty at 13.5 brix. They could use a bit more time to ripen, but are close. The flavor is just like normal Jupiters, except the grapes are smaller.


This spring I’m going to try grafting golden Muscat to concord grape because I have so many hardy unstoppable Concords growing …
My intention is to use a standard dormant scion and rootstock that is just starting to grow, and at the same time partially cut the rootstock in several places below graft so all the water doesn’t flood out the graft area… Then I will try to do the same type of graft except wait maybe late June when the water coming out of the rootstock won’t be as much but I’m not sure if that reduced water will be the case…I will use same diameter cleft grafting… (I think also called top wedge grafting modified cleft grafting or V graft)

I am encouraged to see several discussions and pics of success with green on green grafting…so I will also give that a try. My golden Muscat Vines sometimes get hit pretty hard (zone 6b)hopefully there’s going to be some green stems I can harvest

For backup I’ll also put a few scions (cuttings) in ground come spring …I’ve had success doing that…
Any comments on improving my thought process appreciated


@Franp, good luck! Let us know how it goes.

I tried for years grafting dormant bud on rootstock, it went nowhere, but that may be because my poor grafting skill.

Hope you have better luck!



Tickled Pink cleft graft looks like it might take on my old Concord grapevine.


Nice! I hope it does. Out of ten grapes, that’s the favorite one I grow.


25 days ago I grafted scion golden muscot onto Concord
The Scion was cut in February and fridge stored.
I grafted to Scion after the
Concord rootstock started growing… growth about 10 in Long trying to avoid the water flush the comes out of stems when cutting grapes in early spring
So the two pictures show the results not exactly robust growth I’m not too optimistic compared to others results on this thread but there’s lots of growth on the vine so the Scion may not be getting all the juice they would like
I just grafted green on green cleft grafts same dia scion and rootstock today june 10th… Hopefully more robust results?
Funny the scions I put in soil without roots have more growth on them then the ones in picture


I have made video how to graft grape vine with dormant scion on green wood :smile:.
I have tried few variants to graft grape vine but this is one with highest success rate.


@misoo83 @Sara_in_philly @BobVance
Your video illustrate such a precise and clear method of grafting grapes… I look forward to trying it as soon as I get some dormant scions… I used up this past winter dormant scions trying other methods
For now I am keeping my fingers crossed on the green on green grafts I tried a few days ago… this method worked okay for Sara. If the green on green grafts don’t work this time I will try another round of green on green grafts around mid July
Also will try Bob’s method green on bark grafting posted above


Mine didn’t make through, they all died. Not sure what was the reason. Hope you all have better results.

Still, this method allows me to go furthest. I am going to try to graft some more and see if my luck will change.

Please keep us updated


This is great topic. I would like to learn more of grapes green on green grafting.
How do you select the green branches, both as rootstock and green scions? At this time of the year, larger branches have small clusters of grapes, do you remove the grape fruitlets, of leave them alone, or do you select none grape bearing branches???


I picked the one with no grape cluster. I posted a picture showing the scion at the beginning of the thread.


Grafting grape vines green on green.
I have tried this grafting method this year for a first time and had good results :smiley: .