Grafting loquat tree

I live in Pensacola Florida and have been given a loquat tree, variety unknown. Anyone tell me whats the best time of year to graft other variety to this tree?

Based upon what I read, anytime that the tree is actively growing, and not too close to slowing down growth. There also needs to be a lot of light, and a fair amount of heat.

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I have a decision to make, assuming the two grafts succeed. Do I keep both? Do I remove the upper more vigorous one, or do I remove the lower (usually the lower the graft the better) one?


Those all look promising. I’d probably let ‘em all grow a little more, myself. Then I’d probably keep the upper one. I tend to like my grafts about 1-2 ft. up, personally. More vigor would suggest a better take, as well. Or maybe it’s just Gigi proportional to height, as in Ali Al dominance.

Should read: Vigor proportional to height. As in apical dominance