Grafting method I'd never seen (any translators around?)

Nice short vdo demonstrating a variation of bark grafting that was new to me. They call it a strap graft. Pretty easy to follow even without translation, but it’d be useful to know what they’re saying, if anybody knows what language they’re using and can translate!

Here’s a sample:




I can’t read it, but would assume it’s some form of HINDI or similar language…India / Pakistan / Bangladesh portion of the world. (Video won’t play for me either.)

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To me it looks like a bark graft with an extra effort for more cambium contact which I don’t believe is necessary.

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Yah, same here; I was wondering what the rationale was, and that’s why I was hoping to find a translator.

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It is a bark graft with an extra bark strip for more cambium exposure.

I don’t make such big cuts to graft much anymore , because the cut Stubbs don’t heal well.
I could envision , that strap across the top healing up the cut.


Thing is though, Tony, I don’t see what that strip can knit to except at the very end where it’s tucked into the bark on the far side from the graft. Maybe it helps supply nutrients and fluid to the scion. I don’t know.


Instead of doing that extra strip of bark. I would rather bark graft another scion on the other side for guarantee and culled the weaker of the two in a few months.