Grafting mistakes - apples on pears, what would happen?

I did not intend to do this experiment but I did make mistakes (more than one!!).

I grafted Kamijn de Sonnaville and Calville Blanc apples on a Blake Pride E. pear and Kamijn de Sonnoville on Korean Giant A pear.

Those grafts took (that’s when I knew I made a mistake :blush:

Can anyone tell me what would happen after this, please? Will they grow to produce anything?
Anyone has ever had any success grafting apples on pears? Any input is appreciated.


Haha. Don’t mean to laugh but you are not the only one that had happened to. I suspect that your grafts will grow slowly at first and then wither and die. Probably not make it more than another month or so. Would be need if the Pomes were as graft friendly as Prunus is.

I know that there are some apples which are compatible with pear (Winter Banana being the famous example). I’ve never heard those two mentioned, but it’s conceivable that it will work. Maybe you’ll be the one discover a new (and probably more tasty) interstem option. It wouldn’t surprise me if a grafting mistake is how the WB’s compatibility was discovered.

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Has anyone actually tasted a “Winter Banana” apple? I’ve heard it’s so bad the only reason to grow it is for interstem. What are its defining characteristics?

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I had it but it’s not fully ripe. It’s not bad even at that stage. Beautiful, large yellowish apple. I picked it at Red Apple farm in Phillipston, MA. I would take it over Arkansas Black. that’s just me.

Speed, I laughed, too, after I got over being upset since I really wanted those two apple varieties. I got them confused with other pears. Well, we’ll see. I hope Bob is right :slight_smile:

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I cant wait to find out but by what I’ve seen Korean Giant is something special it grows like a weed so maybe it will work. There are people who do grow apples on pears and pears on apples but it is not recommended. I think @Auburn may have some growing. I’ve read a lot about it and read the grafts can last several years.


I would say it is not “that bad” but it is also not one that I would put very high on my list for eating either . They do make a good fresh cider when mixed with a few sweeter apples though.

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WB is a mild and somewhat sweet tasting apple. I have had a lot of worst tasting apples. I plan to keep some limbs for apples and some scion wood for interstems.Bill

I will give an update tonight. I’m about to take my grands to gymnastics. Bill

I will give an update tonight on my apple interstems. I’m about to take my grands to gymnastics. Bill


I hope they survive and flourish but I kind of doubt it :anguished:


I am not optimistic but I am curious what will happen and if anyone else have experience this type of cross. Well, at least it is pome on pome.

Yesterday, I grafted persimmon on a peach. Cleft graft with perfect alignment. When I was about to put a tag on, that was when I realized it.

Haste makes waste. Try to get it done before dark and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.


If you have any more dormant scionwood I would cut the grafts off now and regraft appropriate scionwood. Without an interstems the odds of a graft taking are practically zero.

Calville Blanc on Blake’s Pride

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I would have regrafted as soon as I found out but I used up all the scionwood. It will be next year.

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Mamuang, would it be possible to lift a bud from your grafted scion and bud or chip it to its proper place? Might be worth a try, and you don’t have much to lose!

Good luck,


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Interesting idea. Do buds formed this early? For peach, I see them in the summer.

Chip bud and I are not friends. I had zero success. I did some T budding with minimal success.

The person who gave me scionwood has promised to give me again next year. For that, I am thankful.

I will see how long these will survive.

@mamuang and others. This is a rough list of varieties grafted onto what started out as a standard pear tree. This list is currently grafted onto it with many different types of interstems and Winter Banana has worked well in some cases.

Frankentree Pears Tree/Appple
-Pears: Moonglow, Orient, Ayers, Unknown Asian, Seckel, Olympic, Kieffer, Frost, Harrow Sweet, Blakes Pride, Kieffer, Korean Giant.

-Apples: Mollie, Yates, Jonagold, Pink Lady, Liberty, Arkansas Black, Honeycrisp, Big Red June, Carolina Red June, Gala, Stripe June, Anna, Goldrush, Williams Pride, Pristine, Enterprise, Winter Banana, Yates, 3 Unknown Crabapples.

None of those were grafted directly to the " host" tree, right?

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@mamuang. The grafts below were all direct without interstems. These grafts were not accidents and I have been adding a few each year. I have many more grafted and fruiting but they have interstems. Your graft looks healthy and is growing but you just don’t know at this stage how it will do down the road. My oldest is 5-6 years and has fruited well and appears healthy. I don’t know how long it would take to officially call a graft compatible but I have fun doing these and they are a great conversation piece.

Direct grafts of apple onto pear.
Mollie scion/Moonglow pear
M111 scion/Moonglow
Winter Banana scion/Moonglow/Ayers/Orient
Yates scion/Orient and Ayers

Direct grafts from pear to apple (I plan to add more of these)
Harrow Sweet scion/Winter Banana
Moonglow scion/Mollie

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