Grafting onto a Persimmon Tree

I have a Persimmon Tree growing down my lane. It was already established when we bought the property. I have tasted them for 2 years now and they are inedible (I tried them at all different stages of ripeness). I am wondering what can be grafted to them? Other than another variety of persimmon. If there is any other information I can include or if more pictures or needed, I can get some.

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I assume that’s a wild DV, which have reports of having compatibilty issues with even its sibling species, the Asian Persimmon. They seem finicky. Based on information I read, I wouldn’t graft anything other than another DV cultivar.

Wild persimmons taste excellent, they have to become gelatin though or else the astringency will be off the charts. If it is producing persimmons for sure they are edible, just need to grab them likely from the ground. But DV is typically the rootstock for every Asian persimmon sold in the United States that I’m aware of. So you can graft any cultivar you like on DV as far as I know. I just tend to think you didn’t eat the fruit at the stage you should. I grew up eating wild persimmons and once in a while even I was fooled by one that felt plenty ripe.

Is that even a persimmon? The leaves look nothing like the usual virginiana.


@Gkight , Kaki being sold by DWN is/was on D. Lotus.

Not unless acorns are related to persimmons.


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I see the resemblance, but the petiole is too thick for oak trees. Oak petioles are very thin. This one is too thick.

Perhaps the leaves may be deformed due to other causes?

Haha I didn’t even look at the photos yeah that’s an oak for sure. A post oak I think


Yeah, No… that’s absolutely an oak and not a persimmon.
Looks to be a member of the red/black oak group, possibly Q.falcata, Southern red oak.
Not surprised that the OP found them to be inedible at all times, but surprised that they thought they were persimmons…


Ah must be just east coast nurseries using DV which makes sense since they are native to out here. Plenty of rootstocks available

Thanks. At first I thought this was a joke post. I’ve been lurking for a while, but couldn’t resist.