Grafting onto chopped walnut


We purchased a house last year in which the previous owner had chopped down a giant walnut tree. The diameter of the base is over 2 to 2.5 feet. It must have a massive root system and keeps budding new starts. We trimmed the new growth down to the two thickest trunks, the larger is roughly 4 to 5 inches diameter and about 7 feet high now.

We would love to let nature take its course and let it regrow. However there is an epidemic of dogs getting sick, some even dying, from moldy walnuts.

The new tree growth has not yet started fruiting.

So I guess the choice now is to wait and see if it actually will fruit - which I suspect it will since it’s such a strong tree. Or get ahead of the issue and chop the new growth and figure out some sort graft that won’t endanger our dogs.

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Harvest and sell your walnuts. No sick dogs.

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