Grafting onto Rootstock Bend or Straight


I am new to grafting and have recently received my first fruit tree root stocks.

The root stock has a lower portion that grows straight from the root approximately 7-8 Inches, and then a bend that grows up an additional several inches. ( See attachment )

If it customary to prune the bend off and graft directly to the straight portion, or should I graft to the curved portion?



I would graft to the straight portion. You want a strong, straight trunk, but the more of the rootstock trunk there is, the more suckers you’ll fight and the more it can take over


Either one. Might depend some on what the rootstock was, but size of the scions would probably influence my choice. (There isn’t a definite answer to your question.)


i agree with BlueBerry. There are multiple factors to consider.

Either way you go, they can both work.

It sounds like you got 2+ year old rootstocks.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the rootstock and scion?
-Is it a vegitativly propegated rootstcock?
-or a seedling/tissue culture one?
-Of what fruit species?
-what kind of tree do you want in the end? (high tree because of deer, low bush tree? espalier? )


Good point, Oscar, that it appears to be 2 year root.

I would use whichever matches the scion diameter. All else equal, I’d do the thicker, older, straight portion.

But I’d have no qualms with keeping the kink. It will be pretty insignificant when the tree is larger.


I’d do two, one on each and go with the one that takes.

If you’re using Marianna 2624 keep both options: graft a plum to the main stem and an apricot to the side shoot!


Marianna 2624 rootstocks can lean even when you planted them straight. I have 3 plums on this rootstock. One leans quite a bit. The other two are ok. They also sucker.

I have not grafted apricots on Marianna but I grafted them on peach rootstocks. If you think plum grows vigorously, wait until you see apricot grafts grow. Let say it put my peach trees out of balance with their very long canes.

Be careful where you place your apricot graft on your plum tree.

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Or, just grow an apricot tree. That’s what I’d do. Then, next year after it died I’d try again …