Grafting Plum on Peach Tips?

Next week will graft plum on peach and plum on plum. Have never grafted stone fruit. Any tips?

I read on internet that peach grafts do best when temps are in 70’s. I plan to use bark grafts, parafilm, Doc Farwells. Should I put on aluminum foil heat shield if outdoor temp is in 80’s?

Cleft grafts & chip grafts have worked well for me plum to plum.

I put on Aluminum foil when it gets into the 80’s. So far it hasn’t gotten there so no foil out yet. Its going to be high 70’s and then into 80s starting tomorrow so I am going to graft my peaches and apricots then. I’ll probably put the foil on them right after grafting. The foil evens out the temps, things can get really hot in direct sun. All my other grafts are done.

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I grafted several different plums onto my peach, and they have taken more vigorously than most of the peach and nectarine grafts! I did Golden Nectar, a Japanese plum, and then a bunch of Euro plums: Green Gage De Bavay, Coe’s Golden Drop, and a bunch of Mirabelles, as well as two types of pluots. I’d say the pluots are the most vigorous, followed by the J. plum, but even the Euros are already branching. I guess the challenge with grafting plums on a peach is whether they will get rejected by the peach NEXT spring–I’ve heard that this happens. Good luck, and fingers crossed!

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Thanks everyone for information.

Has your plums survived on peach, or been rejected?

Mine are producing plums the 2nd year. Not all but about half. All took and grew as much as 3 feet the first year. So much easier to graft plums, even on peaches. Never seen any rejected. Maybe Euros? I don’t grow them.

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Love to see plum grafts fruiting on a peach tree. Could anyone post pics, please?

@Drew51, have you grafted plums on a peach?

Yeah I have Hollywood, Black Ice, Inca, and 3 or 4 pluots on peaches all 2nd leaf, half have fruit but pea size at the moment. Some grew 3 feet the first year. Most about 18 inches or so.

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That’s cool. Love to see your pics.

Once fruit begins to ripen I’ll take some photos.

Plum on Peach is my go to solution for the next year fruiting. I generally chip bud various varieties to water shoots around the tree. Flavor Grenade being my most productive variety after only a year’s growth. By the way, FG is very vigorous and produces really large fruit when placed on peach when grafted (budded) in a favorable growing location.

Here are some Plum grafts done this season and a couple from about 2-3 years ago,on a Fantasia


Hi Paul, sorry I’m slow to answer! Yes, many of my plum grafts are still doing well on my peach tree. The pluots and the Japanese plums are doing better than the Euro plums did (most of which I eventually cut off) but that’s true for my area when they’re grown as independent trees as well. Right now, Shiro seems to be thriving on my peach, I got some delicious Dapple Dandy pluots, and I’ve got a good crop of Golden Nectar plums shaping up on it too, although I may not get enough heat for those to ripen well. How has it worked for you–have you tried plum on peach?

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A couple of caveats, though–my peach tree is a seedling that is now about 17 years old and is starting to wear out, I think–less vigor, not much new growth–and I almost regret that I spent so much effort multi-grafting it. (This poor peach seedling was dragged around from apartment to apartment in a pot and mistreated for seven years before it got planted in the ground, so it may be extra-short-lived.) You may want to think about a longer lasting base tree for any labor intensive projects. Also, it may just be a problem with my soil, and I haven’t researched it yet, but the leaves of my pluot grafts on peach, and my apricot grafts on peach, tend to look pretty bad by August. Right now the Dapple Dandy and Golden Nectar leaves have completely yellowed edges. It makes me wonder if they’re getting all of the right nutrients through their peach host. The peach leaves on the tree don’t look bad. Lastly, peaches are BETTER THAN PLUMS! (Imho.) So why would I graft plums on a peach tree? I guess just because…I can?!? :smile: I guess plums are a little less trouble to grow and harvest, but I wouldn’t do it again.