Grafting Robot

Washington post article about a robot which can graft 3000 plants an hour.

That’s 50 a minute.

The writer, probably a bot himself, thinks peppers and tomatoes can be grafted to squash plants, though



The title reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where George,I think,has some new inside stock information on a company that invented a robot butcher. Brady

It’s coming
… Wonder if it can do trees,?

If it can graft them or butcher them?

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You don’t need a robot when you have smb like this guy


Hot damn, that’s impressive. I need to get my knife that sharp.

While we are on the topic of machinery used in tree propagation have a look at this beast that harvests rootstock. Pretty neat setup. Could partially explain why tree roots sometimes look the way they do.

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regarding that robot butcher…