Grafting Sealant Doppler

I’m looking for an applicator as shown at the 1:15 mark on this video:

Thanks for any help.


We used something similar when we put fiber cement siding on the garage. When we made a cut to the siding we sealed it with an applicator that was just a plastic bottle with a cap that had a sponge attached. Squeeze the bottle and paint saturated the sponge and paint the end of the siding. I don’t see it on the James Hardie website, but Shur-Line seems to have a roller version of it.

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not sure about the applicator Dax but what’s the name of that tool he’s using?

Thanks, Andy. I found them in Europe:

@thepodpiper Dale, it’s the Scionon tool/company.


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Dax don’t waste your time on the top one it’s trash. I got it last year and it so thick it don’t want to come out the top easily then when it does it shoots out everywhere. It’s 100% not like they show on the bottle. Save your money.

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Thanks a lot, Daniel. I’d like to get this but I haven’t found it for sale yet:

Prunetec Wound & Graft Sealant


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Here is the US version of the one I was talking about same product different name.

The one in the link looks like it would do good. Hopefully you can find some.

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Thanks once-again. I’ll post what I come up with/ or not/ Dax

I don’t use any sealer at all and find it totally unnecessary.
I place a plastic bag over the graft and tie it off. Works just
as well.

I like to carry a sealer.

Best regards, Ray.

I’d like to know tool the name of the tool he is using

I think the tool is made by a company called scionon.


Thank you for the info. Does anyone have experience with this tool? I imagine it’s worth it with large plantations requiring many grafts

Anyone have experience with the scionon tool?

I believe the Scionon is used by Ashley Lindsay and her husband of Pleasant Valley Cider Apples. Ashley posts frequently on the NAFEX page in FB.

Hi got myself the Scionon bench tool last year but hasn’t used it yet probably this winter.

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Talked to the Scionon designer/owner from New Zealand, told me the hand held tool needed some practice being a novice opted for the bench graft one. But seeing this video was wondering if I should have opted for the cheaper hand held one lol They make it look real easy.

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let us know how it works out.

Sure will do. These are good tools on the expensive side though.

Just talked to someone who is a professional grafter, he had a chance to work with the bench mounted Scionon took recently on one of his assignments. He doesn’t think much of the tool, as far as novice grafters are concerned he thinks it can help somewhat but the cost is exorbitant

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