Grafting Success


A friend of mine had a wild plum of some kind which neither flowered nor fruited. I grafted Flavor King on his tree a year ago and forgot (so did he). I had an epiphany this January and topped off the tree. The graft was alive without any care and in total shade. It is now exploding in growth! I’m just now starting my orchard in my new(er) house.


Which varieties are you going to plant? How big is the planting area of your yard?


Very nice! Glad to see it is making it :+1:


My house sits on about 11,000 sq feet but it is a corner lot and I lose a lot of space because of its orientation.

I plan to plant 4 fruit trees in this side of the backyard.

Half of my backyard has a steep slope. I’ll put in four 4’X8’ vegetable boxes up against the wall and about 5 fruit trees uphill.

The front yard is a mess but I think I can squeeze in 4 more fruit trees there. This part is not visible from the front door so wife approves my plan!


Good planning Vinod, best of luck! Your yard looks very nice by the way…


I had to take out a dying mature peach where I grafted your Arctic Jay and Honey Blaze. I grafted them on some puny Lovell seedlings


Looks great Vinod :+1: Hope you have much success in the new home!


One of my pear grafts is started to bust out!

And another coming along as well


where did you get Lovell seedlings?


Burntridge nursery