Grafting Sweet and Sour Cherries into plums

Has anyone succesfully grafted Sweet and Sour Cherries onto plums?

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They took at first then died out about 4 months later.


I don’t think it can be done. Sweet cherry is the one stone fruit that doesn’t play well with others.

Sweet and sour cherries are graft compatible in both direction though, correct?

Correct, I have a multi-graft cherry. One of the grafts is Montmorrency cherry onto Colt rootstock.

One day, someone will be able to grow sour cherries onto plums.

You might want to have some experts chime in here but I do not think sweet and sour cherries are 100% compatible. They can both be grafted to many different rootstocks like g5. However I believe there may be issues grafting sweet directly to cherry and maybe vice versa.

I have a 4x1 combo cherry with sweet and sour but I think the main trunk is Gisela rootstock rather than sweet cherry.

I think it is the cross pollination that sour and sweet cherry can do.

I have success grafting sour cherry on sour cherry but not sweet cherry on sweet cherry (yet). So, never mind a cherry and plum grafting thing (Nadia works). I’ll wait to hear from experts, too.

I believe most if not all sour cherries are self fruitful. They don’t need a pollinator.

Sours won’t pollinate sweets as far as I can tell

As long as their blooming period coincide or overlap, I’ve learned that sour and sweet cherries can cross pollinate. Montmorency is a recommended sour cherry to cross pollinate sweet cherries. The result is whatever that tree is.

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Ive grafted cherry onto plum with a interstem. You need a cherry/plum hybrid for the interstem. We use Zdwarf as it suckers for us. You can try Nadia.

Looks like the Montmorrency Sour Cherry graft will take? I grafted it onto my proprietary myrobalan plum seedling. I grafted it in February.

Word on the street is that cherry can be grafted onto plum…details unknown to me. So, I just planted a Black Republican today, cut the top off, and cut the two one-year-old-looking branches off the main stem. I guess I might as well try grafting one of them onto the (semi-wild?) myrobalan cherry plum down the road. The other I should attach to a friend’s actual cherry tree.

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last year I grafted montmorency sour cherry onto adara myrobalan, it still keeps alive

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Excellent news. Now I see that there are two examples of this. Thanks for posting this.

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@ it’s hard to find ‘Adara’ interstem over here

Yes and no. if you change the ploidy level of sweets they will for sure. They still may but seeds will be sterile. This has been a hassle for me working with brambles as many ploidy levels exist, and have to be changed to cross and get viable seeds.

cherry (Prunus avium) and sour cherry (prunus cerasus) are compatible with each other but are not compatible with myrobolan (prunus cerasifera)

I have a Black Tartarian, Lapin, Bing and an unknown variety of yellow sweet cherry and have grafted them on each other. Bought an Emperor Francis that I hope to graft on them. I want to know if I can grab Montmorecy on my sweet cherry?

I have read that both sweet and sour cherry are from the same genus and can be graft compatible. I have not tried it myself but a respectable member of the old Fruit and Orchard forum, Konrad From Far North, has done it successfully.

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