Grafting time


I’m not used to seeing that strip that lies horizontally across the cut. Could you please explain just how you do that graft?

Often, when I cleft graft to root stock that’s much larger than the scion, I have trouble getting good healing in the cleft and I’m wondering if what you did there might be a solution for me.

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I can share a video if you want… share ur WhatsApp number

Thanks for the offer, but I don’t have a WhatsApp number! Is that something I can download to my phone? Or can you post a link to a youTube video here? Thanks.

Oh, I assumed that was the scion tip that had been severed and was just resting on the the cut face of the host. I didn’t think that was part of the graft, and not connected to the scion.

Interesting if that is intentional, and kind of strange.


i think the same as you murky. It’s likely the tip of the scion. There for size comparison?

The tip bud breaks earlier. Thus pruning it off, gives your graft a little longer to heal before the scion leafs out.

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Very good skills @dmehta410

You can directly post it here! WhatsApp is not popular in the US (actually no message platforms are, in that way as in other countries).