Grafting to wild plum this late?

Hello everyone!

I’m new here.

I found the group search for information … namely: when can wild plum be successfully grafted.

I have a delicious tame plum tree at my home that is like to graft to some wild plum trees at my Farm.

I’m selling my home and all the plum trees have already leafed out and flowers are gone at this point.

Have any of you known anyone to successfully graft so late in the season ?

You can bud graft during the summer. Usually called budding. I guess a couple ways to do it? I don’ know much about it? I have yet to try it. Some here are experts and have posted about it. Search for budding on the site.

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I am not clear.

Do you mean you would like to cut wood/scionwood of your actively growing plum from your house and graft it to a wild plum?

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Summer T-budding is a way to go like @Drew51 mentioned.

T-budding tutorial - #141 by Johnnysapples.

Yes. That is what I want to do

Thanks guys.

I found a good YouTube video about it. Looking forward to doing a bunch of
These grafts this weekend.

Where do you live? In zone 6, it is too early to T bud. That is a summer task when buds fully develop.

If you are further south, your trees will be further along.

Ya, 6a. I found the bark wasn’t slippery enough. Did a handful of Chip bud grafts… see what happens over the next month and try again I guess

What do you mean by “slippery”? I heard August is a good time for grafting stone fruit because it’s slippery, but no idea what slippery means.

Bark slipping means that you can easily peel away the bark at the cambium layer. It’s when tree is growing and well hydrated.

I wouldn’t call it slippery. That’s confusing, and I didn’t get what was being stated at first.

1 year later…Just wanted to say…

I had some success with the chip grafts. More failure than success, but I’m pleased none the less!

Thanks for the help!


Oh, here is a photo of a graft a week ago… it’s really taken off since then, but I hadn’t taken a photo since

Lastly, how much does branch diameter play into chip graft success?

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