Grafting Vigorous on Non-Vigorous Apple

Is it a bad idea to graft a vigorous apple variety e.g. Dula’s Beauty on a non-vigorous tree like Goldrush? Do I risk graft incompatibility? I think I’ve heard of the vigorous scion overwhelming the graft, not the right word but making a mess of the graft.

I had Flemish Beauty “overgrow” Bartlett but the tree has worked out OK- I would prefer to find a different stock for Flemish Beauty, but they are getting a lot of pears (both kinds) from that tree. I doubt that you will know in your case until you try it.

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Hi Mark. I have Flemish Beauty, Seckel and Barlett all on one tree. What do flemish Beauty taste like? I have never had one. This will be the first year. Its very excitingl It has taken six years to get that pear to blossom.

I’ve only had a very small yield and results will surely vary from year to year and from here to there, but I found the few I’ve had to be quite aromatic, sweet, juicy, even syrupy. Since their harvest requirements are uncertain to me I may not be ripening them properly, but that’s true of all pears for me! I see them described as having a slight “muskiness” but I can’t say I’ve recognized that yet.

I have noticed that when my trees first start fruiting they are not full size nor have terrific taste. As the tree produces for the third time I finally get the fruit I saw in a catalogue or on a website and it tastes like described. Sometimes it just takes time. But pears are different aren’t they? They have ripening guidelines. I’ll have to research those notes.

I guess all pears are “some” different (from one another) with some of them being more different than others! I am not qualified to advise on the subject- so I won’t.

:slightly_smiling: Mark

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Ive never had grafts fail but i have had a few scions outgrow the trunk. Everything worked out fine for me in all cases. Ive not grown either variety you mention until goldrush this year. Maybe someone more familiar with those apples will have different advise.

I think the graft union will be fine. My experience is the more vigorous variety will grow faster but it just means pruning more. You can also add the more vigorous varieties on the lower limbs where they need a little more energy to keep up. Bill

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Thanks Everyone, I will graft away with abandon. Weather not cooperating but will start some today. Only 50 grafts planned this year, down from 200 last year around the county.

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I agree.