Grape breeding

Has anyone else tried deliberate crosses with Grapes?
I did it for several years.
My focus was Muscat wine types.
I did manage to get a few.
Easier if you use a female vine as the seed parent.


Always Interested in Getting pollen
and will pay (even more for shipping )
(Everyone that reads this yes you could make a profit from my needs)

You may remember me on the grape breeders forum
google will not let me in
as manofpeace32@

I did not get the chance to meet Him, or ever email Him but
I do like How Lon Rombough of bunch grapes put it
It is easy to breed grapes with females every cross will be a cross breed

(not exact words)

Now a days I do see it is funny people hear the word Hybrid, and are afraid
At least In the same species I like cross breed between 2 different ones I like Hybrid
maybe this is not correct.

I also Like to explain these things different to different people
I think some people confuse Hybrid with GMO which I am against.
I could go on, but even people that know better
get all mixxed up with the terminology which I blame that marketers of such (or just people spreading it)
with Heirlooms being the only pure , and everything else being made in a lab or something.

Sorry for Rant , but thinking of my friend in the plant Business being around to my
of these people — he is starting to believe what He knows better not to believe
(yes I ,like yuo can save seeds with heirlooms
but do not make clones, and bad mouth the word hybrid under your breath
when your educated enough to know better
just because your used to your customers so against them)


My Uncle lost His land, and passed away
but was wanting to do this on his land in the past

In the Chicago(land area)
My Dads Brother has Farmland
I wish I was able to do something there but doesn’t seem like that will happen

I did look at land Southern IL.
PRO’s cheap taxes ---- CONS in the middle of NOW WHERE
CONS Expensive taxes PRO"S more people pass by area out of Chicago (tourist)
Cooler weather — (I like cold weather -20 I like brother likes it ht out I cannot stand the heat.

but I see this all as more of a investment while I am young
so can be used in 5 10 years

I am good with making money choices
maybe a little to afraid of the risk though (with high taxes in MI)

Sorry for seemly to be off topic , but just trying to explain why I have not breed more
thinking of Guerilla growing out some crosses Grapes are easy to root.

I did find some interesting other plants by forging though just not grapes
but I do have a Idea for a grape cross that I want to keep secret (a species of grape)

One wild grape had a nice taste in wine though
, and would also not mind sharing that with people
but I do not know if the same results would happen again
as the grapes were all shriveled up, and maybe that imparted it’s own flavor.
maybe low yield as well – just grapes I got growing on a Hawthorn tree on bike trail in years past.

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The American people in general are becoming more ignorant. Less serious thoughts.
More given to passionate zeal and herd mentality.
Our culture is a minefield of taboos and PC rhetoric.
Nothing wrong with a hybrid Grape
They’re often superior to the pure vinifera.
But the Establishment Wine industry promotes the mythology.
It’s all about profit.


The Asiatic species
Vitis Coignetiae always interested me.
Very cool Hardy.
Ideal for the Puget Sound lowlands.
I do have a few Hybrid vines.
They don’t root easily.

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you may be psychic The grape I tasted at Mortem arboretum had no acid tastes
Want to see if I could drop the acid of say Vitis riparia V. vulpina or V. acerfolia (spelling Maple leaf grape I just learned of)

I read a lot of web sites saying not to use certain
I think there are to many variables to give such a bold statement ,
also Internet seems to be a copy/paste culture so can never take some of this stuff serious
at least without a reason

On another Note I have not made wine like I used to for a while
(other then I Made a persimmon, last year,)
but I plan to use blending with grapes to see if I can come up with something to have a idea what to breed with pretty intuitive when it comes to that.

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Any tips to access good male vines
One on bike trail had leaves like a dinner plate
I guess to start there, but I am thinking maybe to eat the leaves but not sure if that is used…

Jack Keller (wine maker with the most popular web site)
He just passed My first Wine was suppose to be a Oak leaf wine

I am wondering if I made wine of various male leaves if I could pick up on any nuisances
I have not heard of any (nonsense) about that But wondering
I know people breeding Mango smell the leaves to see if traits passed on but that is a different species. maybe a batch of just male flowers

Ever made a wild grape wine , but with Very low alcohol made dry
My first taste of a wine I syphoned off was concord / wild (thinking vitis riparia)
it was 16 years ago, but I may have diluted a little with water or not
I know all the sugar wasn’t added yet so maybe 6 % ABV bone dry…
(edit Oh remember vaguely now it was a Quarts worth put aside )

(I probably syphoned to take a SG reading , and didn’t add back,
and fermented but I know it was on the skins for a little while
It tasted good like that not very different then a normal dry red .

By the way I never did like Muscat must of been the cheap brands I was buying
In Aurora We have a First Friday with different events
at a Art place the free wine was sweet, and muscat it was very good.

Any recommendations on that
My Ex Girlfriend even like Muscat , but wasn’t knowledgeable ,
and didn’t buy cheap stuff when we did
So I have No Idea what is good …

The Art places (mulitple Wines all were good like Honey Had no Acidic taste to it that seemed off not balanced )I got with some of the cheaper brands just like honey .

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Herb Fritzke in Minnesota selected several superior Riparia seedlings via mass selection.
Try to get his L-50s Riparia female grape.
I used to have it.
For a Riparia
Good flavor
Cluster size
And lower acids.

Does anyone else have Muscat flavored grapes?
Would like to trade.

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I know making wine of leaves sounds strange I was drinking a little writing that
but did not explain as well as I’d like

I know Concord or Vitis Lubrusca off spring to have that bubble gum taste
I tasted it in the leaves
I was just thinking if a male of a V. Labrusca had a lower level of that flavor maybe it would be good to breed with seems like the zill mango breeder smells leaves to see if they have certain characteristics.

I agree with you on Flavor
what is a flaw if it taste good to some I just saw some Cab wine well above $100 bucks having a strawberry notes I do not drink much concord wine, but doesn’t that have a strawberry note to it if I remember correct very pronounced .

Thank you about the grape recommendation

Are you breeding these with American natives
If so with what, and how is the disease pressure ?

Does the grapes die of Phyloxera being pure Muscat.
Do you just graft or does the yield suffer also from other things ?

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Phyloxerra is in the State of Washington.
It eventually kills Vinifera grapes.
Labrusca Grapes get infected also, but survive.
My Grapes are hybrids with resistant species
They do pretty well.

Hi, I’m Luca from Italy, I cross grapes since about 8 years. I’m actually working on crosses between muscat of alexandria x s. seedless, muscat of alexandria X bronner and muskat of alexandria x poloskei muscotali. For the next season I would like to try to breed nebbiolo x norton and go on with the previously written crosses. I actually stil have no plant in fruiting phase because in the first 3/4 years of attempts I made huge mistakes in pollinating. In the last 3/4 years I got from 15 to 40 seeds for season, not many but more than the ones that
actually have sprout. I’m very intrested in exchanging vitis acerifolia cuttings with many muscat varieties I have got…

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Welcome to the forum! :+1:

Thanks! You are very kind… often are more friendly unknown people talking about plants, than others elsewhere…


You will find here a lot of nice people that will help you and talk about fruits and plants! :blush:

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I can’t help you about grapes and grape breeding. I have table and wine grapes that i treat and harvest grapes but don’t know much about it…

Isn’t it customary in the US to graft vinifera on American rootstocks?

are you from Portugal ? I’d love to vistit portugal… a great friend of mine lives in portugal!


Yes i’m Portuguese from center Portugal.

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