Grape hardwood cuttings its that time of year

Thought someone might enjoy this simple video on how to make grape cuttings. I’ve done this with cherries,grapes,and other plants. It does not always go as well as it did for him. Sometimes we get 100% but typically I get about 50 -70% takes. I’ve found a bag or jar turned over the stem helps the stem to not dry out


Theres a gazillion videos on the topic but for some reason i like this guy…


Rooting grape cuttings is even easier than rooting figs. This is in 2016. I only rooted them for fun.


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Great video and great looking tray of grapes! If I was starting a vineyard this is exactly what I would do! Prefer juice grapes myself. Highly recommend the Concord and seedless concord for grape juice. The seedless concord has seeds here. People ask me why it’s hard to grow things here and its not but grapes yes those can be challenging. They are bullet proof once you have them going. If you want easy in Kansas the tumbleweed does great you will still need a fence to hold the crop !

OK you can have that tumbleweed for free but they are selling for much more than grapes Tumbleweeds for Sale, Buy Tumbleweeds, Purchase Tumbleweed $122.99 for one like that! I’m laughing as I can’t believe Hollywood sets and others buy them! No I’m not joking people buy weeds tumble weeds | eBay


jeez i saw some in N.M the size of a small bus. many stuck together. would be a small fortune there. :wink:


I’ve got a few grape cuttings this season—treated with Clonex, stuck in tall treepots filled with Pro-Mix HP. I sealed the apical pruning cuts with wax to slow desiccation. I had them in the unheated mud room for a few days, but have moved them into my fridge, where the temp stays around 35F and the humidity above 50%, largely thanks to the moist soil of the various potted plants I’m storing in there; I also mist them a bit daily. I didn’t think I’d need a humidity dome under these conditions—but I could be wrong (and often am!). Hope to be able to get them outside full-time by March.


There are many ways to root grape cuttings and tons of videos on it. The most common are the long winter dormancy ones… but there is another method that takes around 2 weeks. In my climate it would be too much babysitting to do it the fast way… but i can see where if you lived in a warmer climate that faster would be better. I like this guy…he always seems to be helpful and has alot of neat ideas (but he is russian).

I think this would work with alot of hardwood cuttings…for those that want faster results.



I too grow Concord and find it wonderful for grape juice. Ever try ‘King of the North’?
Jut asking as a family friend grows Concord, Fredonia and King of the North. He says all make good juice but what he makes from King of the North is the best.

My brother roots out hardwood grape cuttings for sales. He too gets about 70% success. I tried it once when my kids were little. I had them weed my garden and left the area. Hours later I found my hardwood grape cuttings burned up in the sun on my compost pile (early July). My children thought they were weeds and pulled the whole row out on me. I had lined them out in my veggie garden where they could grow for 1 year before moving them to my vineyard.


i had marquette and king of the north 2 years ago. 1st year growth was great but even with our very mild winter that year they both died to the ground. Marquette came back mid summer but king didnt which is weird as king was a zone more hardy. Paul, do you think you could bum your friend for a few cuttings for me? im growing mostly for juice as well. concord ripens too late here most years. i have tons of stuff easy to grow from cuttings to trade him for them.