Grape pest/disease? Please help identify!

Always something new… Never had it before. Purple swelled spots 0.25-1 inch long on new shoots, seems to have entry point, when cut there is a hole inside going along the stem, but so far I do not see any insects inside. I would cut them off, but it will take away most of the crop. Should I? Sorry for the picture quality(lack of it) - it is bright out and i can’t see what I shoot.

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Bumping up. Does anybody have a clue?

It appears necrotic. I haven’t seen that prior, either.

Something is killing the cells.

A Google search of a combination of these words: “necrotic tissue grape/grapes and/or vine” pulls up a lot of things. I couldn’t quite match which particular pathogen you’re seeing.


You might email this girl:

It’s likely she’ll have an answer.


thanks for post the picture . After read your post, I checked my grapevine and saw some of my new grow have similar mark on the vine. I cut some vine off and opened the center of the vine but didn’t see any pests/worms inside.