Grape problem

new to the forum, Not sure where to post this so I figured here. Have a problem with my grape vine near the best. Any idea whats causing this? I also have a probelm with a cherry tree that will post shortly. thanks for the advice

Are you referring to the bark peeling?
Last year bark on my grape vine came off. On the entire vine. But this year it’s starting to leaf out fine.

yes the bark is peeling. trying to stop it from peeling or breaking more. thanks

I don’t know the reason for bark peeking or how to fix it. But I do know, since it happened to mine too, that grape doesn’t seem to need it. I can show you a picture of mine without a bark growing healthy leaves. I’ll take a pic when I get home.

ok thanks I have 3 grape vines,
2 razzmatazz with the bark problem and 1 muscadine that is a Cowart , but the muscadine is ok with no bark probelem.

The bark peeling on grape is 100% normal. It’s just dead bark peeling off. There is live bark underneath. In my greenhouse I peel it off every couple of yrs. Most things don’t peel off like that but it’s nothing to be concerned about.


Have you gotten any grapes from the razzmatazz yet? If so, how do you like them?

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I see that you are in zone 7. My zone is also 7. Every one of my table grapevines either died or had severe die back over the winter from Pierce’s disease. The vines had the matchstick appearance last summer. I am switching over to muscadines vines. Watch out for that.

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last year we had little bunches of razzmatazz little clusters growing. from the nursery the vine had baby grapes on them, thats why we bought it lol. I tried 1 and its super sweet, but it didnt have much time in the ground. Its supposed to be self pollinating

Well do you have a picture of your grapes? I just saw my 2 razzmatazz grapes with a problem but 1 has new leaves started, the problem was the bark near the bottom. As far as muscadine I got a Cowart which has just started leafing out like a week ago.

thanks I just noticed some new leaves started to form.

Sorry but I do not have a picture of my vines that had PD last year. However, they looked like this:

I am just east of Memphis which is considered to be in a rare area for PD. I guess I am just unlucky.

Yep, I have a Cowart vine too. Also a scuppernong vine.

Razzmatazz is a Muscadine hybrid that has only been out maybe a few years. I don’t know whether it is resistant to Pierce’s disease, but given it is half Muscadine there is a decent chance that it is.

The goal of the breeding was to create a grape that combined the best traits of traditional Old World grapes with muscadines.

I planted a Razzmatazz two years ago but it was tiny when it went in and I haven’t had any fruit yet. Hopefully this year… from what I have read its grapes are tasty enough but very small, which doesn’t bother me since they are seedless.

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please update with pictures, I will put mine up once they actually start growing

picture of the Cowart Muscadine planted last fall

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Pictures of my Cowart and Scuppermong vine.I planted it on April 1st and then a week later it got hit by a freeze/frost that killed the leaves on it. Secondary buds grew back out. Also, lost my plums.:cry:

Picture of Concord vine that survived PD. Concord apparently has at least some resistance to PD. All my other vines on this arbor died from PD.

very nice pictures, that cold spell was bad, Like the concord vine, Hope my razmatazz grapes come back soon.