Grape Vine from Seed

Looks like I have a couple of volunteer grape vines growing from my Concord grape. Must have missed a few grapes during the harvest lasts year and these fell and grew.

My question is do grapes, and Concord in particular, come true from seed? If so I’ll dig up these volunteers and give them a place to grow out.

Why not try them. Even if they are garbage you can graft something else to it.


Wild grapes are obligate out-crossers, so they do not come true from seed at all. Seedlings from self-fertile grapes are often less vigorous due to inbreeding depression, but sometimes they can be superior, like Sunbelt, which is a selfed seedling of Concord.

‘Concord’ is a hybrid so I would expect a wider range of variability in its offspring than would be expected from a pure species form.

Concord is also heterozygous for the white fruit allele, so about 1 in 4 selfed seedlings will have white fruit. 1 in 4 on average will also be female flowered, as it’s also heterozygous for self-fertility.

Thanks all. Sounds like it would be worthwhile saving this volunteer, if only to see what it ends up producing. I will dig it up and pot it (it came up inside the GH), and transplant it outside next spring.