Grapery company

I don’t get it. How does one company come up with so many incredible table grape varieties? How come no one else came up with these kind of grapes before (or how come I never heard of it) ?
I would go crazy if I could put my hand on one vine that produces a similar grape to any of Grapery’s varieties. I wouldn’t even ask for hardiness. I would just try to grow it in a container. Anyway, I was blown away by Cotton Candy’s taste today. Please, tell me there is a similar variety available to grow at home… !!! :slight_smile:

Those Cotton Candy grapes are awesome. Are they back in the stores? We bought at least 5 bags of those grapes last year and they didn’t last long in our fridge.

They are here, in Qc… Since you say they didn’t last long, they might be in stores in your area too! Are you aware of any similar varieties available ? (to grow)

I remember seeing some posts about these grapes and how to obtain them. I don’t think it looks good for the home grower. Here are some links I found:

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I bought some of their seedless black Moon Drops the other day

Where do they get them? Do they breed their own?

The Grapery is a contract grower of these grapes. A former scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture by the name of David Cain owns the rights to them and is the breeder. All his grapes are amazing and you and I will ever be able to grow them. I’ve tried my best to acquire cuttings but it’s not happening.

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Just how do you breed seedless grapes, anyway?

In a short answer you take pollen from a seedless and put it on a seeded. often times there is many other crosses and back crosses involved and thousands of seedlings grown to find 1 worth or releasing.

So the opposite of a seedless melon?

Well, I just can’t believe that company would be the only one who was able to create such a good grape. There must be another grape variety out there close enough for us to grow…

Not yet, cotton candy is truly a 1 of a kind grape. David Cain is the Floyd Zaiger of grapes.

More conventional variety than the grapery stuff - I just got some Sweet Scarlet at the store, and that’s a real nice grape