Grapes from May to Nov in So Cal?

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I stumbled upon this Fruit Harvest Calendar Southern California and noticed grapes spanning May to Nov. What varieties could be planted to achieve this level of successive ripening? I see some varieties listed elsewhere as early, mid and late, but it doesn’t give me a clear path to such a wide spread. Could this time span be achieved with as few as three vines with a slight gap or two?

My table grapes multi-crop, 2 crops per year so far.

The May and June grapes are coming out of the Coachella valley. They start harvesting at 16-17 brix in May. That’s not really ripe but ripe enough to sell. Really ripe mine run mid 20s. They harvest Perlette, Flame, and even Summer Royal that early. Then the Arvin/Bakersfield area kicks in early July same as my greenhouse. I harvest Flame in July, Summer Royal July/August, Princess in August/Sept, and Crimson Sept/Nov. even Dec.

In LA July to Dec should be possible with those varieties.

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In contrast: Southern CA properties within full or marginal coastal influence will produce grapes from May-June throughout the Summer and Indian Summer from several “open cluster” table grapes including Black Manukka, Gold Manukka, Perlette, and Suffolk Red Seedless. “Successive ripening” is kind of a misnomer here.

Apparently the variety sold by Gurney’s called razzmatazz is a continuous ripener. I ordered one to see for myself. May be a good choice for you.

@fruitnut, that explains the fruit chart perfectly!

I’m not completely sure, but doesn’t ‘Thompson Seedless’ fall into the same or similar harvest window as ‘Princess’? TS (for better or worse) is almost ubiquitous here for backyard table grapes. Seems it too might be a decent pairing with my ‘Crimson Seedless’.

I’d be interested in folks experiences with ‘Thomson Seedless’ grapes.

I’ve harvested sugar sweet Thompson seedless grapes in Venice Ca. in late Dec, when plants were almost dormant. The fruit was golden and still juicy. Not that this answers your question much, but it’s all I got. Ripe grapes will hold on the vine in CA until they are raisins, and that takes time.

Yes Princess and Thompson have a similar harvest window. Start in August and go into Sept. I like Summer Royal better than either of those and it’s somewhat earlier. SR is pretty susceptible to powdery mildew. But man it makes superior raisins and can have much more flavor fresh than anything else I grow except Summer Muscat. The later makes all the others seem tasteless. I wish they could combine the flavor of Summer Muscat with the berry size and appearance of Princess. Someday they will and it will sell like hot cakes. Maybe someone has because there are many new proprietary grape cultivars we can’t get.

Good info, thanks everyone!

I picked up a ‘Princess’ vine for $10 at the Armstrong nursery in Sherman Oaks. Interestingly, it was a DWN offering and said “Princess Grape - A Thompson Seedless improved grape” on one of the tags.

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I am in SoCal, on the coast, 10b.
If you don’t have to have grocery store / neutral grapes and they don’t need to be jumbo, there are early options. Have you considered Amer. x European Hybrids?

I have a few grape cultivars that are very early…My earliest grape is Interlaken, followed pretty close by Canadice. Most years I start picking in late May, and always by the beginning of June.

Canadice is good over a longer period, getting super sweet if left into July. I have another grape I got at a Crfg scion exchange that I am guessing is even earlier than Interlaken, called Petite Jewel. I rooted the cutting February of 2016 and I picked a cluster in October 2016. It was the wierdest thing. I have never had a grape produce the first year. It usually takes me at least 2-3 years from a cutting to get fruit. Its has tiny berries though, pea sized. I am curious when it will produce this year.
I do getting a light, second round of late fall/ earlier winter clusters on Jupiter, but they are disappointing, that time of year, in flavor without much heat to ripen.

For timing comparison on the early grapes, my Eastern concord is ripe usually early to mid August. I think its considered the stanard for mid season. I don’t grow any late grape varieties.