Grapes in the home garden

For those of you growing grapes at home - What is your setup? What are your pruning methods?

I’m torn between setting grapes up on an arbor/pergola or as a screen/fence-type trellis.

I have grown both ways, I always cane prune after establishment. Prune back this years fruiting wood and leave the new canes that grew in summer to fruit next year.

Above the pergola/ arbor is more beautiful in my opinion but also harder to manage due to having to get on a :ladder:.



I have had this seedless concord around 15 years.

In the spring when new green growth first starts… i prune all those branches so there is just a stub left with 2 buds.

You have 2 shoots that run out off each spur and you let each shoot set 2 clusters of grapes… and rub any excess off.

The shoots will grow up towards the sun… and i have a simple rope trellis up there for them to latch on to. Then the branches shade the fruit well.

When fruit sets and the clusters start filling in… i prune the canopy… so that morning sun gets to the grape clusters… but they get shade midday and evening.

Summer pic. below.

And a very pretty apple (my early mcintosh).


I’ve got two table grape varieties. One white. one purple, both delicious. I’ve had them over 30 years on a 8 foot tall trellis. Some year harvests are small and others give many large bowls of each. I prune in January or February. I discovered there are preferable ways to prune table vs wine grapes and have noticed improved harvests when leaving a bit more old vine with buds. I used to prune too heavy. Lots of good pruning info on the internet with images. I’m definitely not in a grape growing area on the PNW coast but lots of grape growing not far away.


I start growing them again with my pergola, I used to have them around the fence.

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This book you can check out most likely in your library has the best guidance I have seen on growing grapes, covers all topics related
Kent, wa

From Vines to WinesFrom Vines to Wines

the Complete Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine

Cox, Jeff, 1940-

Im doing mine like @clarkinks does his. On a wire fence

These are his pics


I would’ve never thought to use this type of fencing - I suppose with regular pruning the vines aren’t too hard on it?

It varies greatly by climate. My methods here in usda 10 would probably kill your vines.

I have a lot to learn about grapes, then! :sweat_smile: Guess I had better assign myself some winter reading…

I have ‘Vanessa’ coming in the spring.