I’m growing quite an number of different varieties, thought I’d post a few of them here. Things are a bit weedy with the recent heat (I don’t use herbicides), I hope to clean that up this weekend :sweat_smile:

Osceola Muscat, planted in May:

New York Muscat, planted in May:

Siegerrebe, planted in May:

Crimson Pearl, planted in 2021:

Verona, planted in 2020:

Petite Pearl, planted 2019:

Frontenac Noir, planted 2019 (just starting veraison):

I don’t spray much either, just a bit of bordo copper spray early in the season. The Frontenac has a bit of damage (black rot?) from the early season, but the newer leaves seem fine.


I’ve got a few more in another field which has a heavier clay percentage. I think its why they’re a fair bit behind the others I’ve planted this year.

Kay Gray:

Swenson White:

Prairie Star: