Grapevine problem

I spotted some rust colored spots on my concord grape vine. Can someone help me find out if it’s a problem or not, and if it is, how can I treat the plant?

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It looks like ‘Downy Mildew’ to me, do you live in the east coast USA? see these links




Seems a lot like it considering they look similar, and we just had a rainy period and now theres a dry season. But I live on the west coast (california) not the east coast.

I also dont notice any white spots

I notice more yellowing rather than white spots. Could it just be underwatering and heat?

That last picture is heat damage. I’m seeing similar on some of my fruit tree leaves right now.


Then maybe it’s because you are growing a cold hardy grape variety in such a hot and dry place, maybe when they are grown in California they normally protect them somehow, or maybe it’s just normal there and they don’t worry about it. As long as the plant is healthy that is what is important.

It could be two things that I am thinking of.

  1. a lot of plants don’t like going from lots of rain, rain and rain, to a long drought all of a sudden.
  2. too much dryness, strong sun and heat for too long.

Both of these things can be helped by adding a lot of mulch, and watering more often during the droughts, so that there is not so much difference between the drought times and the rainy times.

Wrapping the lower part of the vine with something like the following can help against too much hours of heat, strong sun and dryness. All those things at once can be very hard on a vine especially when a vine is still young

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ok thanks guys. I added a shade covering and the plant is recovering now and growing new leaves! Thanks!!!

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