Gratitude grape

Does anyone have an update on this grape? I had it for a couple years in northern VA and it didn’t really seem to take off. I think it suffered from some winter damage and getting accidentally mowed down once.

In terms of production, anyone having decent harvests from this? I’m thinking of replacing it with Joy. I like thin skin for grapes and was excited for Gratitude’s reportedly thin skin.


I have grown Gratitude in western Oregon and it grows like crazy. I bought a one year old potted plant, and the second summer it was in the ground it had already grown 12 maybe more feet tall, and had several large bunches of large green crunch grapes! I couldn’t believe how awesome the grapes were. There were big, crisp, sweet, and crunchy like a seedless grape at the grocery store. I am very impressed with it.


do you grow other table grapes? when does gratitude ripen compared to others?

I have a bunch of different seedless grapes growing, maybe 10 or more different verities (including four of the Arkansas seedless grapes). But I haven’t been doing it long enough to have much to say about them. I started I three years ago by cuttings on most of the varities I have so those of course are behind the potted ones. I’ve had a few small bunches of grapes on a couple of my other plants, but not many. I expect this year will start to show more fruit on more plants. Maybe after this summer I will have more information about the other varieties in my garden.