Gray Pearmain Apple

My first Gray Pearmains certainly aren’t model specimens but here they are:


A graft on a branch of a mature wild tree in 2013 this was the first fruit, with the usual excitement. Growth has been vigorous though some winterkill in years past. But finally - three apples. In Sept. the bluejays started pecking various fruit, including the GP’s so I put tulle bags on all “special” fruits. The most eaten one didn’t fare well in the bag in the rain (not surprising) but what little I salvaged, though not ripe, had enough good flavor to hint of good things to come when ripe. Early Oct. low 20’s freezes forecast (and worried about more bird damage) I picked the other two, one obviously green, one maybe? Since the yellowish one was damaged I cut that one up. Firm not juicy, like a Black Oxford, with a nice flavor though it wasn’t fully ripe. It was enough to make me anticipate some really good eating IF they could ripen. I’m a bit concerned about that because this is rather late for fruit to ripen here. The obviously green one is in the root cellar and is still green (Oct. 29). But this is the first fruit and the tree it is on doesn’t get ideal sun. But I’m ever hopeful for the future. Sue


Two weeks later, Nov. 12, the greenish fruit was starting to feel a bit rubbery so I decided not to wait any longer though it was still the same green color. To my surprise the seeds were brown. There was some insect damage but the texture inside was fine, certainly eatable, and the flavor nice - gently sweet with no tartness or hint of under-ripeness. I’m feeling much better and hopeful about this variety and look forward to more fruit in years to come. Sue

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